Sunday, February 26, 2017


The New Porsche Boxster

A Porsche always has high expectations- performance, style, panache and true elegance; it is rare to have a vehicle exceed previous years. Porsche has...

Getting to Know Jay Riggs

FAMILY BEAUTIFUL How long have you been dealing with exotic cars? Why did you gravitate to exotic cars?   JAY RIGGS I have been dealing...

Turn Heads with Volvo NC90

I WAS NOT READY FOR THE FABULOUS VOLVO XC90! I knew it was a new and updated SUV on the market by Volvo. I...

Hardtop Convertable

I SLID INTO THE DRIVER’S SEAT and slowly put my foot on the accelerator–it was love at first sight! The stunning saddle interior that...


Don Grierson Music Industry Icon

ON A RECENT AND FABULOUS TRIP to the City of Angels, we had the opportunity to spend some quality time with a music industry icon, Don Grierson. He may not be a household name,...


IT WAS A BEAUTIFUL DAY IN L.A., actually Burbank, a nearby enclave made famous by many a long time television shows. The city, often referred to by “The Johnny Carson Show” as beautiful downtown...

Winter 2017

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Hooray For Hollywood, Florida’s “Margaritaville”

THERE’S AN EXPRESSION IN LIFE that keeps coming around and around to me: The things you dread the most often work out the best,...

Get Your Groove Back

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A Few Minutes with Sarasota Film Festival President MARK P. FAMIGLIO

FAMILY BEAUTIFUL: What can the audience expect from this year’s Film Festival?   MARK FAMIGLIO: This year’s fest has a brilliant grouping of great features...